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Dear Friend, Dear Fellow shooter,


The thirtieth edition of the Swiss Field Match in the Netherlands has concluded. Although slightly less busy than previous years, it has been a very successful event with high scores being shot by several shooters.

It was nice to, after three years, see 'old' acquaintances again. It was also nice to see that new and even some young shooters have found their way to the Swiss Field Match.

In the weekend of November 26-27, in addition to shooters from the Netherlands, we also welcomed shooters from England Switzerland, Belgium, France, and Germany.

We as an organization enjoyed the enthusiasm with which all shooters participated in the competitions. Did you enjoy it, just like we did, tell your friends. Perhaps the Sunday will be well filled again in the next edition. If you have any remarks on where we can do better, we would like to hear from you.

We would like to thank everyone that took part in the competition. A special thank you to all you, shooters from outside the Netherlands, who made the effort to take the trip to Dongen.

A special thank you also goes to Ralph Bertram, who was kind enough to show part of his collection of Swiss rifles on Saturday.

Next year, at the end of November, in life and well-being, we will organize the 31st edition of the Swiss Field Match. We DO hope to welcome you all again in Dongen.


Board SV Gilze-Rijen

Team Zwitsers Veldschieten

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