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For shooters who have already participated in the competition once - or perhaps several times - in previous years, the registration will be different than you are used to. Previously you could register via e-mail. From now on you can register via this website.

From this edition, we also ask you to pay in advance by bank transfer. Please note, your registration for the competition is only final after receipt of payment. If you have not paid after 3 days after your registration, your registration will be cancelled. You will receive a notification. You can of course register for the competition again, but there is a good chance that the time you have chosen is no longer available.

To register for the competition you must be registered on this website. To register, click on 'Register->' under the 'Login' button. Fill in the form and click 'Register' at the bottom of the form. You will now receive an email to confirm your registration. Click on the link in this email. All set and done, you can now register for a match.

You can register for the pistol competition and/or  for the rifle competition. You can do so by clicking 'REGISTER FOR PISTOL' or 'REGISTER FOR RIFLE' in the menu at the top of the page. This will take you to pages where you choose a day and time. If you have chosen a day/time, you will see a green button 'Booking' at the top right. Click it to make a reservation for this match. Please think carefully about what time you want to shoot a match. Once a reservation has been made, it won't be easy to change.

If you don't have your own weapon, we have pistols/rifles you can use to shoot the match. Factory ammunition comes with the weapon. You may only use this ammunition in our weapons. Please note, you cannot participate without valid permit. Make sure you have your permit with you at all times. If you don't you can't shoot a match. Your payment will not be refunded in this case.

Shooting one match will cost you € 15.00. When you shoot both rifle and pistol match we'll give you a € 5,00 discount, you'll pay € 25,00 instead of € 30,00. On completing the reservation you can enter coupon code "Pistol+Rifle". A discount of € 5.00 will then be applied.

After you have confirmed your reservations, you will receive an email confirming your registration at the email address you provided. This e-mail contains your details, some more information and the bank account number for transferring the costs for participation in the competition/competitions.

We work with bank transfers, so make sure you transfer the correct amount. The costs for the matches you have registered and loaner weapons are in the confirmation email. Also, don't forget to mention the order number, this will make processing your reservation lot easier for us.

For participants outside the euro zone (the United Kingdom and Switzerland) we make an exception because of the (high) costs that banks charge for transfers from the local currency to the euro. These participants can pay in cash on the day of the competition.

If for whatever reason the competition is canceled, the COVID-19 virus is not gone yet, your registration fees will of course be refunded. This also applies to foreign shooters when the competition does take place but when you are not allowed to travel due to rules of your government.

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