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Registration this year, like last year, will differ from previous years. In the past, you could register by sending an e-mail. Starting last year, the 30th edition (2022), we now ask you to register via this website.

Last year we also asked you to pay in advance via a bank transfer. This year, payment for the match is done online, with iDeal. We decided on payment with iDeal because it saves us a lot of administrative work. We will once again make an exception for participants from countries outside the eurozone. You can read more on this at the end of this article.

To register for a match you must be registered on this website. To register, click on 'Register->' under the button 'Log in'. Fill in the form and click 'Register'. You will now receive an email to confirm your registration. Click on the link in that email. Check your spam box when you don't find the confirmation email in your inbox. Once you have confirmed your registration you can register for the match.

You can register for the pistol competition and/or the rifle competition. You can do so by clicking 'REGISTER FOR PISTOL' or 'REGISTER FOR RIFLE' in the menu at the top of the page. You will be redirected to a new page where you can choose a day and a time. Once you have chosen a day/time, you will see a green 'Reserve' button at the top right. Be sure to pick the right day and time, once a reservation has been made, it won't be easy to change it. Certainly not when the matches start to get 'full'.

If you do not have your own pistol or rifle, or if you have a pistol or rifle that is not allowed for the match, you can use one of ours to shoot the match. To find out which firearms can be used to shoot the match check out the article 'About the match'. Factory ammunition is supplied with the pistol or rifle. You may only use the provided ammunition in our weapons. Please note, you cannot participate without a valid firearm permit, even when you are shooting the match with our weapons. Make sure you have your permit with you at all times. Without a valid firearm permit we won't let you shoot the match and your payment will not be refunded.

Registration fee for one match is still € 15.00. If you would like to shoot both the rifle and pistol match we'll give you a € 5,00 discount. We are still figuring out how this discount will be processed at checkout. More on this later.

We are making an exception for participants outside the euro zone (the United Kingdom and Switzerland) due to the (high) costs that banks charge for transfers from the local currency to the euro. These participants can pay cash on the day of the competition. To register, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will register you on the day/time of your liking, if and when that spot is still open.

If, for whatever reason, the match is cancelled, (the COVID-19 virus still isn't gone), your registration fees will, of course, be refunded. This also applies to foreign shooters when the match is going ahead but you won't be allowed to travel due to rules from your government.


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